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Multi Storey Parking Kiel

Car park in CITTI-PARK Kiel – 1,300 parking sites over a floor area of 37.300 m².

The car park area has a height of ten metres, width of 124 metres and length of 65 meters and provides ample space for parking of vehicles of the clients of Citti shopping centre on four floors and at an underground garage.

Execution planning for all components above 0.00 m (steel structures, reinforced concrete structures in staircases, elevator shaft, HOESCH Additive Floor, drainage, facades (grid mats, eternit, trespa, profilit glazing, sound proof wall for stringent demands), connection to existing buildings over pedestrian bridge).

During planning, we took into consideration the expandability parallel to a longitudinal axis, addition of another storey, and roofing of the upper parking deck. 

Project data
City: Kiel (D)
Implementation: 2009
Services: Consulting
Erection Planning
General Planner
Shop Drawings
Structural Design / Static

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