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Large-scale project completed succesfully

steelwork erection

detail with complete staircase leading to the bridge

entire model for bridges 35 to 62

January 2016, IMC obtained a large-scale project equipping an open-pit-copper-mine in Chile, which was successfully completed by the project-team. The scope of services comprised the complete planning of the overland conveyor, a bridge-supporting-system with an overall length of 5.3 km, basic-engineering, statics as well as modelling and detailing using Advance Steel.

1713 drawings were made for altogether 62 lattice columns and 61 lattice bridges. In addition, 1059 drawings were made for passage ways, underpasses, staircases, anchorage point, transport sketches and conveyor trestle layout.

To the customer's satisfaction, all deliveries were carried out as scheduled and in excellent quality.


Following some figures regarding the project:

lattice columns up to a height of 22.5m
width between supports 18 to 96m
longest bridge 134m


photo: production works photos by courtesy of the client